Rocking myAudiworld: A Premier Privilege Programme


What better way to celebrate your brand than to create an exclusive privilege programme based on its literal meaning?  Audi, which means ‘listen’ in Latin, has been running a customer privilege programme called myAudiworld since 2012.  I got to experience what myAudiworld members have been quietly enjoying themselves over the last six years last Christmas, by partaking in a special evening of luxury and pampering.

A Most Wonderful Evening

The evening started with a pick-up by a private chauffeur in an Audi A6.  On hindsight, I feel the arrangement was made not only so that members would be denied driving their beloved Audis, but it certainly made for an evening of carefree imbibing.  In fact, the drinking started before dinner, where free-flow of champagne was offered to me during the reception party at New Asia Bar.

My chauffeured ride to Jaan in an Audi A6.

Arriving in style at Swissotel.

An exclusive Christmas dinner at Jaan by myAudiworld.

Cocktails at New Asia Bar before dinner. Audi sure knows how to organised a proper dinner party. Photo courtesy of Audi Singapore.

The member exclusive Christmas dinner exquisitely put together by the Audi team was held at the multi-award winning JAAN at Swissotel Stamford.  Besides being treated to a celebrity hosted dinner by radio DJ Yasminne Cheng, and an up-close performance by home-grown talent Dick Lee, members were also treated to some special wines by Penfolds, like the 2009 Grange and the NV Grandfather Tawny.

Up close and personal with Dick Lee at myAudiworld Christmas dinner. Photo courtesy of Audi Singapore.

Kirk Westaway, the recently minted one-Michelin-star chef, also made an appearance during dinner to share some light-hearted banter with Yasminne.  To top off the evening before I was chauffeured back in another Audi, I even managed to bag a Christmas present in the surprise lucky draw where everyone could take part.

Celebrity Chef Kirk Westaway with DJ Yasminne Cheng at myAudiworld Christmas dinner. Photo courtesy of Audi Singapore.

Beyond the luxurious treatment I experienced that evening, the most important aspect of myAudiworld was the sense of community I noticed at the party.  Audi was wrapping up a series of exclusive events organised for myAudiworld’s members in 2016, which included movie events, exclusive dinners and one-off driving experiences. A highlight was perhaps driving the Audi R8 through the Swiss Alps. Hence, members who were strangers previously were greeting each other like old friends at the night’s party. At dinner, I spoke a member next to me who pointed across the table and said, “That’s actually my cousin, whom I recommended to buy an Audi so that he could experience myAudiworld himself.”

A special Christmas dinner by myAudiworld.

Heirloom Tomato Basil Sorbet, paired with 2015 Penfolds Bin 311.

Truffled Barley Risotto with Confit Duck Leg, paired with 2009 Penfolds RWT.

An evening shared with the community of myAudiworld members. Photo Courtesy of Audi Singapore.

Did she win a prize in the surprise Christmas lucky draw? Photo courtesy of Audi Singapore.

Rocking myAudiworld

myAudiworld is a customer privilege programme like no other car brand in Singapore. Through myAudiworld, members enjoy a personal gateway to the premium Audi lifestyle. With an extensive range of handpicked rewards, bespoke events, and essential Audi information, myAudiword unlocks a whole new world of experiences. Based on customers’ individual preferences, the programme will recommend events ranging arts, entertainment, gastronomy, sports and unique Audi Driveaway Adventures.  It is truly fitting that myAudiworld is an exclusive privilege programme that listens to what members want.


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