Kanda Wadatsumi Raises the Bar for True Japanese Dining Experience


Have you ever wanted a taste of authentic Japanese food without having to travel to Japan? Well, we’ve just found the perfect little place for you. Kanda Wadatsumi is a 50-seater hidden gem of a restaurant, tucked away in food haven Tras Street. It teleports you to the heart of Tokyo with an authentic dining experience. Kanda Wadatsumi pledges to “serve Japan on a plate” and offer the best and most authentic dining experience outside of Japan. It is no wonder that many of the restaurant’s customers are Japanese expatriates all craving for a taste of home.

Kanda Wadatsumi collaborates with Zengyoren Fisheries Association (or JF Zengyoren) which represents coastal fishermen in Japan; this means the restaurant is able to source for an amazing variety of fresh fish and seafood from Japan’s diverse prefectures. Because of this exclusive partnership with JF Zengyoren, diners get to sample some of Japan’s most sought after seafood, such as the firefly squid (Hotaru Ika) from Hyogo Prefecture, the giant pacific oysters from Hiroshima, and the best tuna (Maguro) from Tsujiki Market in Tokyo!

The restaurant is helmed by Executive Chef Hara Shiji from Tokyo, whose 10 years of experience has molded him into a culinary master of the art of Japanese cuisine. Backed by his years of experience and vast knowledge of Japanese ingredients, Chef Hara’s exemplary talent and culinary flair are fully exhibited in the restaurant’s signature Japanese Omakase (which literally translates to “leave it to the chef”).

When I visited the restaurant, I had the privilege of watching Chef Hara prepare his signature Omakase. It is an eight-course menu of Chef Hara’s finest culinary creations, using only hand-picked fresh seasonal fish, meats and vegetables. Chef Hara’s culinary artistry focuses on the purity of the ingredients, and he skillfully coaxes out the robust flavours of these fresh fish and seafood through the marriage of age-old techniques and modern creativity. The restaurant’s decor also takes inspiration from contemporary restaurants found in the streets of Tokyo. Its furniture and tableware are all imported from Japan, ensuring that every touch point with diners feels authentically Japanese.

Stewed Seasonal Green with Smoked Scallop.Photo © Keith Wong.

Grilled Spanish Mackerel with Sea Urchin Sauce. Photo © Keith Wong.

Kanda Wadatsumi’s Omakase is available for both lunch and dinner. The Omakase menu starts at S$50++ per person for the Counter Set. The quintessential Omakase experience is the eight-course menu of Chef Hara’s finest creations, priced at $120++ per person. A la carte items are also available for individual preferences.

Kanda Wadatsumi
50 Tras Street
Singapore 078989
Tel: +65 62216264

Opening hours: Mon to Sat – 12pm to 3pm (lunch) and 6pm to 11pm (dinner); Closed on Sundays and public holidays


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