How to Plan a Family Holiday Trip to Hong Kong the Easy Way


It was a trip planned on impulse. We originally had no intention to travel this year until a friend casually asked: “Hey I’ve got a pair of Hong Kong Disneyland tickets, you want?” And that very day, I booked our flights, and made hotel reservations in the same week.

Fast forward to today, we are back from the trip, our first with just our family of four of us. It was also my youngest kid Zara’s first plane ride. Well, she was knocked out most of the time in the sky, snoring loudly like she has just ended a very long day at work.

Planning this trip was rather, erm, unplanned… till about a week before the day we fly. I started panicking and was not sure what we should do. That was when the hub and I started scheduling our visit and got our tickets from Changi Recommend to Ocean Park, Disneyland and of cos a ride on the tram up to the Peak. We had the itinerary planned with TripCase and that made planning easier and more effective too. Besides this new app I discovered, I’ve also learned a few tips from this family holiday trip.

Holiday Planning Tip #1 – Use TripCase

TripCase is a free app available online and on mobile. TripCase gives travellers a single place to manage and organise their trips. Connected to powerful technology and travel companies, TripCase is an itinerary management app that delivers the right information at the right time.

Holiday Planning Tip #2 – Get Airport Transfers

Though travelling via the train from Hong Kong airport to our hotel is convenient and cheaper, we opted for a private driver to pick us up instead. With kids, bulky luggages and tired parents (after three over hours of pacifying the little ones in the plane), airport transfer is highly recommended.

We booked our overseas airport transfers through Changi Recommends, together with a few other services they provide. And I’m so glad I made this choice because when we landed in Hong Kong, my girls were rather grouchy when we boarded the vehicle. Thank goodness we need not have to worry about getting train tickets and the many steps to climb (it’s soooo Hong Kong!) with many things in tow. The personal pick-up, with a chauffeur to send us right to the doorsteps of our hotel, was almost a god-send.

Holiday Planning Tip #3 – Skip the Queue and Buy Attraction Tickets in Advance

Skip the queue at Disneyland and Ocean Park and head straight to the entrance with tickets purchase through Changi Recommends. And the tickets were cheaper too as compared to buying them directly from the attraction ticketing counter. If you’re planning to get attraction tickets for your upcoming trip, here’s a promo for you!

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This promotion is valid till 4 December 2016 and for online purchase only.

Holiday Planning Tip #4 – Stay Connected

When travelling with kids, you’d want to minimise any queue and waiting time once you arrive at your destination. With ChangiWifi, I just need to pick the router up at Changi Airport before I fly, and then drop it off at the counter when I’m back in Singapore. No need for an additional mobile phone or getting the mobile data to work — simply switch it on when you arrive at your destination and connect to the wifi instantly.

And because it is wifi, I could have my photos backed up automatically even when I travel as long as I am connected to ChangiWifi. I won’t be able to do this if I had used a data SIM card. The little girls could also enjoy their undisrupted video streaming on YouTube Kids at the same time, because ChangiWifi let you connect up to six devices at the same time! Great for family with lots of gadgets that require connectivity.

The kids stay connected and get their dose of YouTube Kids whenever wherever with ChangiWifi oversea router.

The kids stay connected and get their dose of YouTube Kids whenever wherever with ChangiWifi overseas router.

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Holiday Planning Tip #5 – Use the Trip to Your Advantage

“You sure you want to do that? I’m not bringing you to Hong Kong ah!”

“Don’t buy that please. You want to save your money to buy Mickey Mouse at Disneyland right?”

These are just some of the excuses I’ve been using on my two girls since the day they started counting down to the trip. It got me through most of the requests and meltdowns; I’m rather sad now that our trip is over and I have no other incentives to use on my kids when they throw their tantrums at me.

Hope the above tips are useful for your upcoming family holiday trip overseas. Happy planning!


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