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Michelin stars are getting pretty common in Singapore these days, and that is anything but bad for the local food scene. Anyone who has a taste for good Cantonese barbequed meat would know of Kam’s Roast Goose in Hong Kong. The famous eatery is now here in Singapore, specifically at Pacific Plaza which incidentally also houses Michelin-starred names Tim Ho Wan and Tsuta Ramen. The Singapore branch is Kam’s Roast first outside of Hong Kong.

Kam’s Roast definitely has a reputation to keep. Started in 1942 as Yung Kee restaurant in Hong Kong, the restaurant is the epitome of Cantonese roast dishes. Mr Hardy Kam then set up Kam’s Roast in 2014 to concentrate on the roast dishes. Just prior to the Singapore branch’s opening, Kam’s Roast is awarded a third Michelin star since 2015.


Check out the ring of juicy fats and imagine it having the best roasted sauce hidden within it.

During the grand opening on 20 November 2016, I got to sample some of the famed dishes. My favourite has to be the “Toro” Char Siew (S$22.80). Thickly marinated with Kam’s special recipe sauce, the specially prepared pork belly just melts in your mouth. When coupled with the cracking of the charred parts, it completes the experience. I do not even need to add any more sauce and it is as good as it gets. Not far behind is their Roast Pork (S$14.80), which is a bit dry but still holds the taste very well.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to taste Kam’s famous goose meat here in Singapore (we can’t get goose meat in Singapore basically). We have to settle for the Roast Duck. Nothing wrong with roast duck; it’s just that I preferred the meatier and juicier goose meat that has the roasted taste permeated throughout the dish. The duck meat is definitely a bit tougher but still it is worth a bite with price starting from S$11.80.


Crispy skin roast duck.

I would also recommend their signature suckling pig (S$34.80 per portion or S$248.00 for the whole pig). The skin is delicately prepared to provide that crunchy and satisfying bite. It is best to pre-order the suckling pig prior to your visit to the restaurant to avoid disappointment.


The crackling skin of the suckling pig is just asking to be cracked between your teeth.

There are also dishes that only the Singapore branch is able to provide. The Wonton noodles, the same found at Yung Kee restaurant, is air flown to Singapore. There is also the Red Bean soup with aged orange peel to round off your visit to Kam’s for a taste of Hong Kong.

Don’t say we did not warn you – get ready to queue for your seat at Kam’s Roast.

Kam’s Roast Singapore
9 Scotts Road
Pacific Plaza #01-04/05/06/07
Singapore 228210
Tel: +65 6836 7788

Opening hours: Daily 11am – 10pm


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