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In the fast pace of life today, we rarely have enough time to rejuvenate, both inside and out. Sometimes, inner bliss simply means finding a sense of calm even amidst our hectic schedules, and to carve out some time for some pampering for the soul.
Sometimes, it just means finding the time for a good ol’ face treatment.
Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

Before I stepped into TaraBliss, I had expected to receive a standard facial treatment. However, from the moment I stepped into the spa, the aura was deeply relaxing. Even though it was located in the middle of the city centre, the spa was quiet and tranquil, with aromatic scents all around and soft, calming music playing in the background.
TaraBliss Guest Area. Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

TaraBliss Guest Area. Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

On top of face and body treatments, TaraBliss focuses on detoxing and lymphatic drainage for a more energised and healthy body. This is because the people behind TaraBliss spa believe that beauty is achieved from the inside-out. Hence, TaraBliss incorporated French massage techniques into their treatments, notably, their Méthode Jeanne Piaubert Slimface Lymphatic Drainage Treatment.

Because of dehydration, lack of sleep or an unhealthy lifestyle, most of us might have a sluggish micro-circulation and blocked lymph nodes deep within the skin. This is usually the reason for water retention, bloating, and poor skin tone. Hence, the Méthode Jeanne Piaubert massage technique was founded in 1928 designed to deeply relax the facial muscle, restore circulation, and allow the face to regain its streamlined, youthful contours.
After I had filled out a form with questions about my skin concerns, exercise regime, how much water I drink a day and et cetera, I was led into a clean and lush room to begin my skin analysis and treatment by my therapist Cheryl.
TaraBliss Walkway. Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

TaraBliss Walkway. Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

What I loved about TaraBliss Spa was its sensorial space, where every single one of your senses is invigorated. From the faint aromatic scents, the soothing music in the background, to the cosily lighted room, everything is taken care of.
TaraBliss VIP Room, a lush sensorial space. Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

TaraBliss VIP Room, a lush sensorial space. Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

After the skin analysis, Cheryl proceeded to cleanse and steam my face before beginning exfoliation and extraction. While I usually do not enjoy extractions, Cheryl was not only very patient, but also very skilful, putting me at ease.
Next, Cheryl begun the Méthode Jeanne Piaubert massage using classic strokes, starting with a soft pressure before progressing to a deeper intensity. The light gliding movement helps to relax the facial muscles, while the deeper strokes follow the direction of the muscle tissue, warming it up.
The entire facial massage was so soothing that I snoozed in the process.
Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

Photo courtesy of TaraBliss Spa.

After placing a facial mask on my face, Cheryl helped massage my neck and shoulders, the areas where most people carry their stress. Finally,  at the end of the treatment, she applied some toner, serum and moisturiser on my face. The entire session was 90 minutes long, but when I walked out of the spa, I felt like a different person altogether. All my stress and tension had melted away and I felt much lighter on the inside as well.
TaraBliss Spa is provides more than skin-deep treatment, but aims to penetrate much deeper into the skin through detoxing and purifying. What’s even more amazing is that TaraBliss Spa also caters to men, with a line-up of face treatments specially created for men’s skin concerns such as acne scars and sebum production.
Ultimately, TaraBliss Spa believes that everyone should remember to reclaim their inner wellness. Should you ever need a recharge, you now know where to head to.
TaraBliss Spa
452 North Bridge Road, Chan Brothers Building,
#05/06-00 Singapore
Tel: +65 6336 9274
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 12 noon – 9pm; Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 10am – 7pm

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