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Kitchen by Food Rebel runs on a revolutionary concept that may herald the future of quality food. Founded in January 2016, this restaurant sets out to debunk the old saying that healthy and delicious hardly go together, once and for all. By changing what good food is made of, and how it is made, Food Rebel will find an audience not just among the health conscious, the vegans and the gluten-intolerants, but also those who love food for food’s sake.

Elika, health coach for Food Rebel, came with her husband Rick Mather to Singapore in 2012 and saw how the corporate lifestyle in the CBD area could bring an onslaught of health issues. In addition, they fumbled for healthier options when it came to food. Inspired by her husband’s love for athletics and fitness, Elika decided it was time that she bridged her own love for food and fitness with a restaurant; not just any regular restaurant, but one with a mission.

When I arrived at Food Rebel, I was awestruck by the sheer amount of attractive options I had been given-all of them healthy, low to no carbs, and no processed sugar, and at the same time colorful, varied and appetising.

Elika introduced the dishes to me. The Super Berry Super Smoothie is all-natural, refreshing and fruity as the name suggests. There is the Zoodle Bolognese that substitutes regular spaghetti with strands of zucchini so it is basically carb-free. The organic tofu and avocado sandwich and sustainable Barramundi with Asian sesame greens introduce a lavish amount of healthy fibre into our diet.

Sustainable Barramundi with Asian sesame greens

Sustainable Barramundi with Asian sesame greens

There is also the Rebel Chicken Burger, made with hormone-free patty and sided with sweet potato fries. Though not the healthiest on the menu, it nonetheless ensures that the meat is clean, and sweet potato fries are a welcomed alternative. The Thai-inspired Quinoa Rebel Salad, consisting of South American seeds infused with lemongrass and lime leaves, is so easy on the eyes and palate with pink seeds and leafy greens.

Rebel Chicken Burger

Rebel Chicken Burger

Thai-inspired Quinoa

Thai-inspired Quinoa Rebel Salad

Then there are my two favourites – the Rebel Buddha bowls. As creative as their namesake, the two Buddha bowls – chicken protein bowl, and vegan sweet potato and chickpea bowl – are both absolute delights to savour. The chicken protein bowl boasts of tenderness of the chicken and the abundance of avocado and hummus. I may not be vegan, but the vegan sweet potato and chickpea bowl left the deepest impression. The beetroot sauce tastes amazing when paired with the two main ingredients, and its pink color really adds to the photogenic factor. In addition, Food Rebel also sells cakes that are gluten-free and free from processed sugar. What do they use instead? Natural sugar from the coconut (Gula Melaka) and fruits. It is a win-win situation because you get the sweet taste, not in the expense of your health. The food adventure ends with the mango chia seed dessert, light and naturally sweet.

Elika shares with me how Food Rebel seeks to collaborate with the gym goers and athletes by including many dishes that are high in protein and low (or no) carb. This way, they no longer have to constantly fall back on protein powder to keep their bodies in shape. Food Rebel also reaches out to those with food intolerances by including dishes that are gluten-free, dairy-free and processed sugar-free. In addition, she stresses, Food Rebel reaches out to those who love food by making sure that healthy food is never boring, that it is never just about salads but so much more, that even snacks and cakes can be made healthier with a change in ingredients so food-lovers can enjoy guiltless pleasures.

Food Rebel introduces many novel ideas and bravely experiments with them, but I cannot help wondering why chefs and bakers from all over the world have not made the step forward years earlier. After all, healthy alternative ingredients are all around us, as long as we make an effort to incorporate them. Then perhaps, just perhaps, the problem of obesity in many developed countries would have been avoided. Either way, it is always better late than never.

Kitchen by Food Rebel 
28 Stanley Street
Singapore 068737
Tel: +65 6224 7088


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