Indulging in the Pokemon Go Craze: How I Name My Pets


Zombie apocalypse has arrived, and it has arrived in quite an unexpected form.  Since its launch a day ago on 6 Aug 2016 in Singapore, the Pokemon GO game has successfully infected nearly the entire Singapore population into zombies – walking dead that are oblivious to their surroundings and are animated solely for a single purpose to hunt for and capture virtual monsters, and the epidemic will probably get worse as more people succumb to the powers of the game.

Sadly, I too have also fallen victim to the scourge.

Naming my Pokemon pets

Besides giving your in-game trainer a nickname, the Pokemon Go game allows you to give nicknames to the Pokemons that you catch. I took inspiration from Ani (instagram@pokemonyc) with her Hong Kong Cantonese inspired nicknames and decided to have a Go myself (pun totally intended).

Presenting some of my locally caught Pokemon pets with their Hokkien/Singlish inspired nicknames:

niahcih horseen Kiapkiap

weedlecrabby Bohbehzao std


Don’t worry if you decide to change the nicknames later; Unlike the name for your Pokemon trainer, the nicknames for the Pokemon pets can be changed later.  For those already infected, I mean, playing the Pokemon Go game, feel free to share some Singaporean nicknames for your pets in the comments section below.  For those who haven’t started, you know you cannot beat us, so join us!


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