Fashion Forest: Nature at the Door Step of Civilisation


No sooner had I returned from the nature trail of Malaysia, another opportunity came along to do something similar at Genting Highlands. No seriously I kid you not, there are actually nature trails in and around Genting Highlands and is guided by Treks Genting. Of course having a jungle trail next to the Awana Resort Hotel is definitely more convenient than many places I’ve visited throughout Malaysia for my nature fix as the resort is serviced by numerous bus services from Singapore.

What is there to see one may wonder and Eddie from Treks along with his friends Henry Goh and Steven Wong brings us around the trails to enjoy nature. Fashion Forest Nature Trail is the pride and joy of Eddie who has made the effort for people from all walks of life to thoroughly enjoy the jungle of the Highlands. We can of course enjoy the same eco-environment at our very own Cloud Forest conservatory at Gardens by the Bay where the Highlands climate is faithfully recreated. Still nothing beats the real thing by being at 3,000 feet above sea level, enjoying the rich cool breeze that permeates through the forest.

Eddie promotes his Celebri-Trees.

At the start of the trail.

To enable education on nature conservancy, Treks has installed numerous QR-coded information labels through the trail and can be easily accessible by strong internet connection in the forest. Of course that’s nothing new since we can do the same at our own MacRitchie reservoir but Eddie has make it a point to allow people to share what they have seen and learnt unto the social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram. He has even called the wildlife as Supermodels and trees as ‘Celebri-trees’.

Scan the QR code to learn and answer quizzes.

When night falls, there’s when more can be seen including frogs, toads and snakes. The activity called herping is to explore the forest floor in the night to search and discover the numerous amphibian species. This is surely an experience for most urban dwellers and a great way for kids to enjoy the forest.

Steven shows us the Malayan Green Tree Snake.

A Green Crested Lizard rests on the palm leaves.

For those who are into bird and wildlife photography, the nature trails around Awana also house resident and migratory birds and monkeys such as the Long Tailed Sibia, Great Hornbill, White Crowned Hornbill, Black Browed Barbet, Golden Throated Barbet and Crimson Winged Woodpecker. I have not even gotten to the monkeys yet!

An important Bird Area where you can take photos of the birds including four species of Hornbill in the area.

A great start to the day with the Great Hornbill sighted just behind the tree.

The black browed barbet

The long tailed Sibia

Managed to capture the White Crowned Hornbill before it disappears into the forest.

So the next time you are thinking of visiting Genting Highlands, perhaps a nice walk through the forests should be part of the plan. It is always beneficial to be part of nature no matter where you are and now is even more convenient.

Awana Hotel
Genting Permai Resort, 69000 Genting Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia


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