Teppanyaki Time at Teppan Bar Q


Hailing from Hakata city in Kyushu, Japan, Teppan Q is the newest kid on the block to join the numerous eateries in the Robertson Quay area. I visited Teppan Q on a Wednesday evening, and even though it was mid-week, the cosy diner had such a relaxed atmosphere that I left my work worries at the door.

The restaurant offers 21 seats at a counter; if you choose to sit there, you can watch authentic Hakata Teppanyaki dishes being cooked right in front of you. If you prefer more privacy with your dinner date, opt for the indoors tables, or the ones outside. Either way, you’ll get a feel of the lively yet casual setting characteristic of Teppan Q.

Before our food arrived, we were treated to a glass of sake served in a traditional wooden masu cup. A masu cup is a square wooden box which was originally used to measure rice in Japan a long time ago. Nowadays, it is used to drink sake. Apparently the wood accentuates the aroma of the overflowing sake. Perhaps it’s psychological, but the sake did taste better when I sipped it from the masu cup.

Sake served in a wooden masu cup

We started our hearty meal with a favourite Hakata appetiser, the Roasted Hakata Mentai (S$8.90). The marinated roe of pollock and cod specially flown in from Hakata are sliced into nuggets and gently roasted on the grilled, resulting in a burst of full-bodied flavour with each bite. We were told that the dish was prepared without eggs or oil.

Roasted Hakata Mentai

One of Hakata’s classic dishes, the Tonpei Yaki (S$22.90) is a sweet-looking combination of finely chopped cabbage, slivers of pork and egg, and topped with a special homemade plum-infused soy milk mayonnaise which tastes better than it sounds. The pork slivers were tender and succulent, though the flavours seemed to be distributed a bit unevenly. Some parts were bland, while other parts tasted a bit too salty. Perhaps I caught them on a bad day.

Tonpei Yaki

My favourite dish has got to be the intricate Foie Gras with Daikon (S$26.80). Cooked to perfection on the grill and drizzled with homemade teriyaki sauce, I loved how this fusion melted in the mouth as the subtle flavour complemented the rich Foie Gras perfectly. It is certainly one of my favourite pairing of foie gras to date.

Foie Gras with Daikon (Japanese radish)

Meat lovers will rejoice at the sight of the hefty Bari Bari 2 Pound (900 grams) Steak (S$180.90). In Hakata slang, Bari Bari means “very, very”, and true to its name, the meat was very very succulent. Instead of using powdered wasabi, the freshly grated wasabi was mild but flavourful and did not “attack” my nose the way normal wasabi does.

Bari Bari 2 Pound Steak

Apart from the food, I really enjoyed watching owner/chef Kyota Ishida (affectionately known as Mr K to customers) cook. I found myself constantly amazed by the showmanship which lasted the entire dinner. The cooking was constantly met with thunderous applause from the counter audience.

With such inviting atmosphere and good food, Teppan Q is indeed a worthy addition to the Robertson Quay area.

Teppan Q
11 Unity Street #01-22
Singapore 237995
Tel: +65 62350629


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