Come Ride Southeast Asia’s Tallest Inflatable Slide at DBS Marina Regatta 2016


If you have not heard yet, the fifth annual DBS Marina Regatta has kicked off over the weekend. Taking place at The Promontory @Marina Bay, the event is also happening this coming weekend, so fret not if you missed last weekend’s fun.

One of the star attractions at the event is a 16-metre tall inflatable water slide. Imagine sliding down at 50km/h with the gorgeous view of the Marina Bay in front of your eyes. You’ll be doing your part for charity as you have fun too, as the S$10 you pay for five rides will all be donated to Society for the Physically Disabled, a non-profit organisation that helps people with disabilities be self-reliant and independent. I tackled the slide myself to see if it was really all that exhilarating, and I have to say, once is definitely not enough.

Climbing up five stories of steps just for the adrenaline rush down the slide (and then repeating that five times) is sure to work up an appetite. And this is when you stroll over to the Chow House to take your pick from the wide variety of mouth-watering bites from popular eateries like Snag Shack, Pince & Pints, Kerbside Gourmet, and Park Bench Deli, to name but a few.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the nitrogen ice cream from Tio Smoke.

Children enjoy the “Dragon’s Breath” nitrogen ice cream from Tio Smoke at the Chow House.

After satisfying your stomachs, do some casual shopping at the Shop House. You will find merchandise curated by local market specialists The Local People, which features a collective of local designers and craftspeople.

Art and cards by Honey & Gazelle Design Studio at The Shop House curated by The Local People

You can buy art and cards by Honey & Gazelle Design Studio at The Shop House curated by The Local People.

As Singapore’s one and only pop-up beach in the middle of the central business district, the Marina Regatta offers lots of beach activities to cater to your interests. In the beach pop-up pool, try your hand at stand-up yoga, zorbing, or stand-up paddling.

Yogis welcoming the new day on the urban pop-up beach this morning

Participants do the yoga on the urban pop-up beach on Saturday morning.

If you’re feeling lazy, simply make yourself comfortable on the deck chairs or hammocks, and enjoy the sun and sand with a cocktail in hand.

The thrilling dragon boat races happening in Marina Bay are also worth looking out for. Races start from around 9am every day so come on down to support your favourite teams. Apart from watching the races, sports enthusiasts can take part in “themed races”, or kayak competitions.

Cheer on your favourite dragon boat teams with a beautiful view of the Marina Bay.

As the sun goes down, apart from enjoying the sunset from a beach in the central business district, you get to enjoy concerts at the Sound House, a partnership with Noise Singapore, featuring acts like Inch Chua, The Neptune Waves, Linying, The MadHatter Project, HubbaBubbas, and Take Two.

The night is still young with iNCH serenading the crowd

The night is still young with iNCH serenading the crowd.

The DBS Marina Regatta is happening at the Promontory @ Marina Bay, 28 to 29 May and 4 to 5 June, from 11am to 10pm. Admission is free.


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