What Can US$1 Buy You Around the World?


What do you think US$1 can buy around the world? Curious, digital media company migme asked its users to share what they can get in their countries with just US$1. We were surprised to find out the results!

The Philippines

In the Philippines, you can get a packet of biscuits, candies and chocolates with a dollar.



In Indonesia, you can get a bowl of noodles, a cup of iced tea, and still have 1,000 rupiah in change.



In Pakistan, you can get a carton of milk or 5kg of potatoes with US$1.


We also asked users from Nepal and India to share what they could purchase with a dollar, and we were surprised to know that you could actually get a statue of the Buddha with that amount in Nepal. Check out the full infographic here: http://bit.ly/1OCRSwm

– by Joey Ching How


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