10 Must-Know Tips to Perfect That Boho Look


It’s easy to tell someone “I’m going Boho today with my outfit” than to actually pull off a Bohemian look naturally. If you want to achieve the latter, stay right on. We have listed out 10 cardinal rules to achieve the Boho look you’ve been dreaming of. There are no specifics really, but it’s important to stay true to the essence of the concept – prioritising comfort over anything else without looking too sleazy. One wrong part can give off an entirely wrong vibe. It hurts to waste your whole effort over one part of the outfit that is totally off point.

Accessorise Adequately  

Photo © Zolotareva Elina | Shutterstock

Photo © Zolotareva Elina | Shutterstock

If you are already wearing a chunky necklace, skimp on the extravagant earrings. You don’t want to look burdened with accessories.  Well, unless you’re shooting for the cover of Vogue magazine, of course.

Shade it off

Photo © Prada

Photo © Prada

Shades adds a completely different dimension to your outfit, but it may hide your best features. So choose the ones that compliment your face shape and don’t let it ruin your get-up.  

Opt for head wraps and turbans  

Photo © Dasha Petrenko | Shutterstock

Photo © Dasha Petrenko | Shutterstock

These are practically created from the heavens to save women from their bad hair days. They save you the ordeal of deciding whether to go for a bun or a fishtail braid or shaving your whole hair off (just kidding, please don’t pull a Britney). Turbans and head wraps are the way to go. Opt for simple designs if you’re already heavy on prints. Let Instagram be your inspiration for such looks.

Make your own DIY Floral Head Crowns 

Photo © FeyGinFoto | Shutterstock

Photo © FeyGinFoto | Shutterstock

To make yourself stand out from the crowd, invest some time in making your own floral head crowns. There’s a lot of ways to do it, one of them best illustrated here. If it’s too much of a hassle to head down to nearest florist, order from your online florist  and get started on your DIY adventure. Faux flowers headbands are the easier alternative, and you can find them at any fashion accessory shop in the hood and especially the malls.

Hats Up

Photo © JL=Pfeifer | Shutterstock

Photo © JL_Pfeifer | Shutterstock

It’s easy to lose yourself among the accessories, but if you’re not the turban or the hair band kind of chic, go for bold hats. Straw hats, panama hats or even fedoras are just a few of the more versatile hats to pull off any season of the year.  Floppy hats aren’t usually expensive, so don’t worry about spending a bomb on these headgears. They protect you from the sun too, so it’s really a worthwhile investment. 

Go Bold or Go Home


Vibrancy is key in achieving the boho look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours. Just, avoid wearing prints on prints.  Explore different textures of your favourite colours to give a touch of uniqueness to your look.  

Pay Attention to Your Shoes

Photo © gpointstudio | Shutterstock

Photo © gpointstudio | Shutterstock

Slippers may give you a lazy look, so opt for sandals or boots. Mix and match to see which footwear works best with the fabric of your outfit, and get something that doesn’t take away the beauty of either. For example, gladiators or an ankle-cut leather boots would work with a short dress etc.

Play with prints

Photo © Alena Ozerova | Shutterstock

Photo © Alena Ozerova | Shutterstock

Aztec, floral, paisley, you name it.  Any kind of prints on a maxi dress can scream boho, layer it for an edgier look with a denim vest or a chunky necklace. For the adventurous ones, try making your own dress with your favourite fabrics at the local tailor store, with the help of the Pinterest community. Now your whole Bohemian ensemble can cost you lesser.

Layer It Up

Photo © Kseniia Perminova | Shutterstock

Photo © Kseniia Perminova | Shutterstock

See-through knit sweaters make a great layering cover for your maxi dress or maxi skirt. In this inclement weather, denim may not be a perfect idea but if your one-piece outfit is already on point, you can omit this part.

If you are going for a simply girl next door look, complement your outfit with a similar hued drawstring cross body bag.

Keep your make up simple 

Photo © | Shutterstock

Photo © Aleshyn_Andrei | Shutterstock

Now that you have slayed your boho ensemble, don’t wreck it by plastering your face with a thick slab of make-up. Opt for a natural look to keep it classy. Also, there are tons of tutorials online on how to pull off the no-makeup look.

Share with us in the comments section below if you can think of better things to dapper up the Boho look.


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