Malaysia – Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump Away


Malaysia, dekat aje” – to say it right, you have to stretch and, at the same time, raise the tone of the final syllable of the second word like you would a frothy teh tarik. Then you have to ease into a French style liaison, casually linking the next word. The latest Malaysian tourism campaign is focusing on the immediate region which specifically targets the Malayisan domestic market, Singapore, and Indonesia.


Dekat Aje” is a colloquial term in Malaysia, which is a warm and welcoming way to say that the distance is not great, the effort required is not monumental. It appeals to the traveller to take a relaxing trip and uncover the wonders that are just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Malaysia is putting its best tourism face forward with a travelling exhibition on the attractions of each state that, will be held around the country, over the months of 2016. The roving travel fair made its stop in Johor at KSL City Mall, at the heart of Johor Bahru City and was officiated by the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin.


Keeping up with the times, the eponymous application, “DekatJe” was also launched to bridge travel service providers to potential tourists. On the free application, you can find deals for hotel stays, travel packages and even homestays – all conveniently accessible from your mobile phone. Gearing up to meet the expectations of incoming tourists, attractions are being spruced up, merely three years since the first wave of renovations in 2013. Here is a sampling of what you may not know can be found in Malaysia:


  • Mount Kinabalu – Sacred to the Dayaks and amongst the tallest peaks in South East Asia
  • Village Homestays – Experience what traditional living is like with locals
  • Manukan Islands – Beautiful islands set in azure seas, close to Kota Kinabalu


  • Gua Tempurung – A fascinating and beautiful show cave
  • Ipoh Culinary Delights – Everything from Dim Sum to Hor Fun
  • Pangkor Island – Local fishing villages share the island with luxury resorts


This is just a brief sampling of what awaits the traveller. Sun, surf, sea, mountains, history and city life, Malaysia has it all and it is sooooooooo close by.


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