Fit for Fashion Season 2 – A Day in the Life of the Contestants (Part II)


We hope you have been catching up with the episodes of Fit for Fashion, which has been airing on StarWorld every Thursday at 8pm. The competition is down to its final five weeks, and hopefully it has inspired you to transform your life into a meaningful fitness journey – not merely for the physical looks but also for the added confidence in your daily life.

Sometime mid last year, media representatives of various countries – including Asia 361 – were invited to Bintan Lagoon Resort, Indonesia, to go behind the scenes of the reality TV show. Here are some exclusive images and tips we’ve picked up during the trip.

Week 2 fitness challenge: All about balance.

Contestants pitted against each other in an obstacle course that required more core strength than it looked (we got to learn it the hard way after trying out the first part of the obstacle course ourselves). The second part of the course is a matter of teamwork, quick thinking and technique as the contestants attempted to row their boat from the pier to the gong located some distance away. As a rower myself, I understand how difficult it is to row a boat out in the open sea without people knowing how to direct or steer the boat, but it was an amazing feat seeing the teams inch their way to the end point despite the strong winds and physical drainage from the first part of the competition.


30% training, 70% diet: It is all about what you eat to fuel your body

Meals are specially prepared and tailored to each contestant but a typical meal would have lots of protein for energy to burn during their workout, fruits and vegetables for the needed vitamins and a cut in carbohydrates for those who don’t need it and am seeking to lose some fat mass. The meals were pretty bland for most people but definitely still a well balanced diet. It is often a misconception that people should stop eating to lose weight. The key is really to eat the right food choices that will fuel your body well for your daily activities and workout.


A typical meal for the contestants.

Residences: Bintan Lagoon Resort, Angsoka Villa

The contestants were housed within this villa throughout their 10-week competition. It was a conducive environment, with lots of fresh air and a pool within their backyard for a good recovery workout to relax their muscles from all the fitness challenges and gym training sessions.

IMG_0946-min IMG_0978-min

Week 2 fashion challenge: Mirror yourself

Contestants are challenged to shoot with sports equipments, sports luxe outfit as well as mirrors on set to unleash their best potential/shot yet. These fashion challenges will help improve the confidence of each contestant as they have to step out of their comfort zones to present their best self in front of the cameras (for those who are non-performers). The media representatives gave it a shot and it was extremely awkward for a lot of us; guess we belong better behind the scenes.

IMG_0995-min IMG_1008-min

Meeting the contestants: Social night

It was a pleasure getting up close and personal with all the strong, bubbly and interesting contestants of Fit for Fashion. Everything is easier than it looks and it sure wasn’t easy to be where they are today. Exposing their weakest self on TV, challenging themselves physically and mentally through each training session and challenge, outgrowing and pushing their limits constantly.

We’ve learnt so much from each individual and only wish for the best in each and everyone of them. Whether they win the competition or not, I believe they are all contenders in their own right as they embark on a lifelong fitness journey – be it for health reasons or for boosting their confidence.

IMG_1013-min IMG_1015-min

Mitch Chilson has put together a 10-week get fit workout programme for viewers at home to get involved. Check out for more details. Remember to keep your lifestyle in balance and  break a sweat or two during this Lunar New Year season.


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