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Cashflow is the primary concern of every small business, and PayPal is looking to team up with aspiring entrepreneurs to make doing business easy and above all, profitable. Collaborating with Braintree, an online payments consultant, seven startups were on showcase to the public. At a recent media event, the atmosphere in the room was an inspiring mix of hope, dreams and genius. Each exhibitor was high on the enthusiasm of their convictions and pumped up to sell their ideas.


  1. Airfrov – Pairs travellers who have free baggage space to those who are home-bond but want to buy something from overseas. The win-win situation rewards travellers with some extra cash and shoppers with the ability to make purchases from overseas.
  2. Andios – Makes buying and selling your old second-hand cellphone easy. It will collect your used cellphone from your doorstep and sell it on your site at a price that is both transparent and fair. Their database of cellphone prices are collated from real sales and it is from this real life information that the market price is determined. Andios also protects buyers and sellers by ensuring that the product is fully functional and performs a background check for stolen merchandise.
  3. Battlehack – Is a global competition in app development. This year, Team Singapore had two offerings: an internet-linked medicine container that will send out for an order to replenish medication automatically when quantity falls below a certain level, and a device which caches internet information locally for users in the vicinity to access quickly, which is especially useful for areas with less than reliable internet speeds.
  4. Boxgreen – Offers healthy snacks and convenience all wrapped up in individual servings. It offers a personalised subscription service so you get the exact selections that you like (no more tossing out the fried green peas).
  5. Cage – Is a home-grown sports and recreational company that is no stranger to locals. It makes high quality sports pitches available to everyone for rent at reasonable rates. First appearing at Kallang, Cage opened its second premises in 2011 along Turf Club Road.
  6. Cottony – Ever been hit by a wave of artistic creativity and thought it would be great to print the design on a Tshirt to show the world, only to have those dreams dashed by three words – minimum order quantity? Cottony provides printing solutions at affordable rates and at low quantities. In addition to this, Cottony also prints on tote bags. They use water-based ink that is non-toxic and gentle to the skin. For those with plans to start a design label, Cottony also provides printing solutions with no start-up costs to burden the enlightened mind.
  7. Vanitee – A business portal for quality beauty services. The Vanitee app gives the user the ability to schedule appointments of house calls for manicures, padicures, makeup services, hair styling and even massages. Quality is ensured via a user review system and a rigorous 27-step vetting process that each vendor has to go through.

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