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Along the up and coming Keong Saik Road in Singapore, Indline recently its doors to offer a laid-back atmosphere of a contemporary Indian cookery. At this cosy restaurant, diners can opt for a quick bite of set lunches or enjoy a more leisurely feast from the a la carte menu.

The addictive onion bhaji © Photo by Mandy Ng

The addictive onion bhaji. Photo © Mandy Ng.

To start the meal, I ordered the onion bhaji (S$4) and tandoori paneer tika (S$11). Onion bhaji is like Indian version of onion rings but much better. Indline’s version has a right balance of spice, onion and flour ratio. Each bite was crisp and not oily, and bursting with flavour. This dish is also the perfect beer snack.

One of Indline's set lunches - Indbox © Photo by Mandy Ng

One of Indline’s set lunches – Indbox © Photo by Mandy Ng

As the tandoori paneer tika is made upon order, I took the time and picked one of the set lunches – Indbox (S$14.50). The Indbox consists of a main and four sides of daal, rice, salad and naan. I chose my favourite butter chicken, and ordered saffron basmati rice, dal tadka and cheese naan (for an additional S$1).

All the mains are freshly prepared daily. I was pleased with the butter chicken. Despite using chicken breast, the meat remained tender and juicy. The sauce was creamy yet not overly rich. I also enjoyed dipping the cheese naan in the sauce. The naan was another well done dish. The right amount of cheese was added without turning the naan to a pizza. I especially loved the chewiness of the dough. The more I chewed, the flavours were slowly released and permeated through my mouth. If you’re a small eater, do consider sharing the Indbox with someone. You can also order other set lunches like Salad Box or Kati Roll which are smaller in terms of portion.

Smoky and delicious tandoori paneer tika © Photo by Mandy Ng

Smoky and delicious tandoori paneer tika. Photo © Mandy Ng.

While I was indulging in the Indbox, the highlight of the meal arrived – tandoori paneer tika. Served on a hot plate, my mouth was drooling as the dish was placed in front of me. The char-grilled smell, the colour of the paneer, I could not wait to dive in. And this dish did not disappoint. Paneer is a form of cottage cheese. On its own, it does not have much flavour. At Indline, it is marinated and baked in a tandoor oven to give the cheese that smoky flavour. At the first taste, I got the crisp, warm smokiness. As I bit, the paneer crumbled, and the subtle cheese flavour started to ooze out. This is one dish I will order again.

The food at Indline is well-balanced. The amount of spice used in their dishes is subtle and not overpowering on the palate. Indline is a great place to go to if you have not tried Indian food before. You get variety, delicious food, and most of all, the prices are friendly on the wallet.

Indline – The Indian Cookery
28 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089135
Tel: +65 6221 3280


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