10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


Instagram is one of the most popular online photo-sharing social media platforms today, with people sharing the latest trends in food, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and so much more.

Looking for a quick recipe to whip up a meal for your family? In need of fashion inspiration for your next party? What about some fitness motivation to get you out of bed? Here are 10 Instagram accounts that you should follow today, whatever your inspiration needs may be.


1. videomeals

Videomeals provides simple, healthy and easy-to-follow recipes in the span of a 15-second video. I personally tried some of the recipes before and they are indeed delicious and do not require much effort to cook. The bonus? It has got to be that hot guy behind this account. Who said cooking is only for women?

2. thefeedfeed

Thefeedfeed account compiles food pictures and recipes from the Instagram community. Just scrolling through the newsfeed is enough to get me hungry even when I have just eaten. Tag #feedfeed and your food picture or recipe may just have a chance to be featured there to the rest of the world. Happy drooling!


3. dreachong

One of Singapore’s top fashion blogger and Instagrammer, Andrea posts pictures on the latest trends in fashion, travel and food. Seeing her beautifully shot pictures on Instagram, it’s no surprise how she has such a huge following (227,000 followers and counting).


4. beautifuldestinations

Work stress got you craving for your next getaway? This Instagram account compiles some of the best travel photos taken by people around the world and makes you feel like travelling to every single place. Now you know where to go for your next holiday!

5. alvinology

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Alvin Lim, a top Singapore blogger and head of content of migme keep his followers on Instagram updated on the latest lifestyle trends in Singapore and Asia. To get recommendations on food, travel destinations and entertainment news all in one place, this is one account you should not miss out.


6. sugarrandspice

Georgina, the girl behind this Instagram account, frequently posts workout routines that can be done in the comfort of your home. Her workouts mostly do not require any kind of equipment, so now you don’t have an excuse not to lead a healthier lifestyle.

7. emilyskyefit

It’s one of those lazy days where you feel like just cuddling under your blankets even though you really should be up exercising to burn those calories from the buffet dinner last night. Look at Emily’s Instagram and be inspired as she posts videos of easy-to-follow exercise routines and healthy meal recipes (as well as pictures of her fit toned body, which will get you off your couch and up exercising in no time.)


8. lokistagram

Research has shown that looking at pictures of cute animals will provide soothing therapy and improve concentration and focus at work. So go ahead, look at these adorable pictures of Loki the Corgi and you just might come up with a brilliant idea for your next project at work.

 9. notryanhiga

Famous YouTuber and web personality Ryan Higa, continues providing comedic relief on Instagram as he posts funny pictures and witty captions that just gets me cracking up every single time. It is my go-to account every time I am in need of some laughs, and it might well also just be yours very soon too.


10. Orhganic

I chanced upon this Instagram account by accident while scrolling through the “discover” page, and his feed blew me off my feet. (Pun intended.) Individual posts may seem like photos of random things, but go on and click on his news feed and you will be in for a surprise.


Sonia Lee, part of famous musical duo Jaylesslee, has an adorable son, Jordan, that is so irresistibly cute I have to share it with you guys. His actions and smile never fails to brighten up my day. Although he does not have a personal account (he’s probably too young to know what Instagram is), you can catch him on Sonia’s account or check out the hashtag #jordanyang for more cute pictures and videos of him.


Happy Instagramming!

You can also follow Asia 361’s Instagram @asia361official.  


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