Shogun2U: Delivering Affordable and Delectable Food Right to Your Doorstep


Rainy days, hazy days, busy days and the “I’m-too-lazy-to-cook-days” all spell one thing in common – food delivery. After all, it requires the least amount of effort and is a life-saver, especially if you have a rather busy work schedule. Plus, you can conveniently enjoy food at the comfort of your own home, what can be better than that?

Now, food delivery doesn’t always have to equate to fast food. Food delivery can mean healthy food too.

Enter Shogun2U, a Malaysia-based online food platform that delivers tasty, affordable meals from top chefs. The people at Shogun2U believe that great food should be made accessible to everyone. Therefore, they are bridging the gap between restaurant cuisine and home cooking by bringing chef-prepared meals to your doorstep at affordable prices.

'Shogun2U' carved out on a watermelon. How creative?

‘Shogun2U’ carved out on a watermelon. How creative is that?

Founded by Dato’ Sri Michael Chong, Shogun2U delivers a variety of meals that include a delicious mix of Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Their menu ranges from a la carte (mains) offerings to side dishes, desserts and beverages with meal sets and combos ideally aimed for larger groups.

Shogun2u’s Central Kitchen operates in Kuala Lumpur with its Delivery Hub right next to it in order to facilitate packaging and logistics processes. It delivers to most areas in the Klang Valley with an estimated one-hour delivery time (so be sure to book your meals early).

Amongst the highlights of the cuisine on delivery is the Nasi Lemak. Now, this Nasi Lemak is cooked in Japanese style whereby it includes steamed Japanese rice served with spicy anchovy onion (sambal), deep fried boneless chicken (tori karaage), deep fried octopus (tako karaage) and garnished with hardboiled egg, Japanese cucumber and takuan (Japanese pickles) on the side. It is absolutely delish, despite the fact that it uses Japanese rice.

Nasi Lemak, Japanese style!

Nasi Lemak, Japanese style!

Promotions are available every day for customers to enjoy discounts upon ordering, so look out for promo codes that are available each time orders are made. The current price for combo meals ranges from RM74.40 to RM101.70 for a group of three, which includes main meals, side orders, desserts and beverages.  That aside, Shogun2U will be releasing a limited edition sushi set to the first 500 customers to celebrate their RM1 million sales in three months.

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