What’s Cooking at Nando’s?


Nando’s, the champion chicken cuisinier has been tinkering in the kitchen and committing its wildest experiments yet to the bun. Recently launched, the new menu at Nando’s sports a trendy refreshed look and includes an enticing list of nine new burger, pita and wrap creations.

My picks for the contenders for becoming new peri-nnial favourites are the Nandoca’s Choice Burger, Chicken Caesar Wrap and the Chicken Breast Burger. These three entrees exhibit creativity, fun and the starring pieces of poultry that Nando’s has built its reputation upon.

The Nandoca’s Choice Burger is affectionately named after a moniker used to identify employees at Nando’s restaurants. Nando’s has always struck me as a fun place to work at, where the workplace values its employees as part of a large family. This burger pays homage to the employees who give their 100% at the workplace every day.


Nandoca’s Choice Burger.

The Nandoca’s Choice Burger started off as an impromptu creation slapped together by Nandocas as they sat down to have their meals at the restaurants. The recipe was a hit and its popularity amongst its staff compelled key decision makers to include it as part of the new, improved menu. This classic-in-the-making features premium-cut Peri Peri chicken breast flame-grilled to smoky perfection, and packed in between crunchy coleslaw and toasted garlic buns.


Chicken Caesar Wrap.

The Chicken Caesar Wrap has a wonderfully creamy texture that will please finicky palates. It is not only packed with the signature flame-grilled chicken breast marinated with spicy Peri Peri sauce, but also includes premium ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes. I love the rich taste of sun-dried tomatoes, and felt the cool Caesar dressing rounds out the tangy piquant Peri Peri burn perfectly.


Chicken Breast Burger.

The Chicken Breast Burger is the option for the patron that craves the same mouth-watering, flavourful bite but wants to absolve himself of some guilt. This tasty selection is stacked with fresh rocket leaves, pickled red onions, drizzled in PERinaise and packed in between a toasted Portuguese roll. Rocket leaves is well known for its extremely low calorie count and has anti-carcinogenic properties, along with being an excellent source of vitamins and other nutrients like folate.

But, don’t take my word for it; be the judge for yourself, and try out all of the new chicks on the block and decide which you Peri-fer.

For a list of Nando’s restaurants in Singapore, visit the Nando’s website.


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    • I first tasted Nandos back in 1998 on my 1st real adventurous trip. Loved it since then. Used to drive in to Msia just to eat it before it came here. Once it did, I continued driving in to eat at Nandos cos its cheaper.

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