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I have never come across a hotel that smartly, and consistently, presents itself as a character. During my travels, I stayed at boutique, luxury, economy, or the usual business hotels before. But it was after my stay at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore when the universe conspired to bring me to a different kind of staying experience, throughout a well-lived character that calls itself Jen.

The whole experience was effervescent, even before I arrived at the lobby. I happen to be one of those travellers that actually take time to stalk social media accounts of the place that I’m heading to. Looking at the way Hotel Jen speaks online and offline, I know I would be in good hands.


Hotel Jen is the newest member of the Shangri-La group and it is all about loving life, fun, adventure, and discovery. Knowing Shangri-La as one of the pack leaders in the industry, guests’ convenience and authentic service are guaranteed. The reception lady did wonders to convince me about this as she informed me that the bed used in all rooms are similar to those of Shangri-La’s. This location at Tanglin Rd was previously Traders Hotel, adjacent to the Tanglin Mall. I hope these shed some light, before we move on to even more reasons why a stay at this hotel left a place at my heart.


Club Room at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

I stayed at the newly refurbished Club Room. Upon entering this high floor room, I sense my passion for design at my nerves and I could not be happier. Every element in this room speaks wit, playfulness yet homeliness.

I love how the walls are not overdone with arts. Sometimes the more artsy a platform is, the less meaningful it becomes. This Jen truly epitomises the traveller in me – only after a couple of steps to the bed, bathroom and my work desk, which sits gracefully near the glass window, overlooking a part of Singapore I rarely see.

Looking back at my room, the wooden floor is a favourite feature and blends well with every other detail. Each of the corner is a good selfie spot. The design was seriously that appealing.


The daylight brings out the best of the room design.


Entirely Hotel Jen-branded toiletries.


The wardrobe rack says HELLO every time I returned to my room.


‘Welcome Fruits’ on the go.

While almost all other hotels offer a fruit platter to welcome their guests, Jen took it to another level when I discovered this cut fruit in a cup in the fridge. The whole concept centres on realising how mobile the guests are and at most times, we have no time to eat fruits, let alone cut one by one. A nice and smart touch like this goes very far indeed. Guests can also order this via in room dining service, that is, if you feel a cup is not sufficient in quenching your thirst for vitamins.


The pool is large with ample sun loungers.


Gym lovers will appreciate this well-equipped 24-hour sports centre.

After spending quite a long day of travelling and sightseeing on the day of check-in, I did sleep gracefully on that dreamy bed. If you like your morning walk just like I do, you would appreciate the surroundings of Hotel Jen, especially those around the outdoor pool. The lush garden was so inviting to stretch your feet and eventually for a dip in that sunny morning. I chose to have a bit of both when I exercised at the gym. Just what I need before a foodie kind of breakfast afterwards.


Cafebiz, the all-day dining restaurant on Ground Floor.


Not enough time for breakfast? You can tapao (take away) the bread, says Jen.

Staying in a Club Room gave me access to breakfast at the Club Lounge or at the All Day Dining restaurant. I chose Cafebiz on my first morning at the hotel as I would like to explore more options. And I did not only get what I wanted, I was impressed with the selections offered at breakfast.

One word that came to mind when I returned to my table after circling around the buffet – hearty. Every station is reminiscent of home for me as the restaurant offers everything for everyone. I fell for the Chinese section and right away enjoyed my porridge with sauteed veggies, egg, noodle and grain pao. Note that Cafebiz will be undergoing development and the new restaurant will be revealed also in December 2015.


The food and beverage counter at Club Lounge.


Give me fruits, I’m happy. Give me fruits, choice of nuts and jams and fresh juice counter, I’m over the moon.


When the daylight is gone, the lights are lit and the Club Lounge shows a different kind of elegance.


I spent good two hours each night here as this is my kind of space to work at, thanks to its convenient setup.

The Club Lounge is a divine space for lounging, working, watching TV, reading the news. On my first night staying here, I found it very handy to reach the club with just a short walk from my room and did my work there. The wi-fi, as in all areas of the hotel, is impeccable and the service is to my liking; the lady sure knew when to come in to offer me  coffee refills or more cookies. I accepted those two invitations as I could not resist those sweet baked temptations.


The entranceway to Ah Hoi’s Kitchen, the hotel’s legendary Chinese restaurant.

I was convinced to try the Singapore Chili Crab, but I ended with all sorts of yummy food on my table

I was convinced to try the Singapore Chili Crab, but I ended with all sorts of yummy food on my table.

Ah Hoi Kitchen's Chili Crab

Ah Hoi’s Kitchen’s Chili Crab.

Generous serving of the Chili Crab

Generous serving of the Chili Crab.

It would be difficult to find anyone who visits Singapore and say that they do not dare trying out the local delicacies. I myself found Singapore’s dishes to be mouthwatering and immensely appetising. I mean, would you just look at these seafood I had at Ah Hoi’s? The whole dishes were screaming Singapore to me and honestly, that was the most delicious dinner on this particular weekend trip.

The Chef handpicked the Sri Lankan crabs and successfully presented the country’s pride with a tangy and savoury dish which deserves a high compliment for its freshness. The bloom from the crab was well-matched with the Prawn in Silky Egg Sauce. This dinner became a finger-licking occasion, thanks to these heavenly food.

In a nutshell, staying at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore was the highlight of my weekend. I like this character Jen, that translates well in my room with its witty-yet-attentive concept, cheerful service at the club and the restaurants. If this Jen is ever transforming into a person, we would be dear friends as I believe my friend Jen will take me to places unseen, yet I would still feel like at home.

Comfortable couch and witty cushions

Comfortable couch and witty cushions.

Good morning, Singapore! This was my view from the Club Room

Good morning, Singapore! This is my view from the Club Room.

I'll come back for you, Jen!

I’ll come back for you, Jen!

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore
1A Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249716
Tel +65 6738 2222


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