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Smooth, clear skin has always been the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  As such, a good skincare regime is to be taken very seriously.

However, even with decent skincare, I do tend to get dull and tired skin from late nights with irregularities in complexion. With a focus on more radiant skin, I recently decided to try out JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment at Annabelle Studio.

What exactly is JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment?  It is a form of chemical peeling, where the chemicals applied cause dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off, resulting in smoother, regenerated new skin.  JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment does this in a highly focused three-level approach, and includes key active ingredients such as glycolic acid, pyruvic acid, salicycli acid, kojic acid and azeoglycine. Each of the active ingredients serves a special function, and you can imagine the wonders of the concoction – acne, enlarged pores, dull skin complexions, scarring, pigmentation and wrinkles begone!

The science behind it:  The customised cocktails of fruit acids such as AHA, BHA, SA, PHA, AKA and other active ingredients cause dead skin to be peeled off and allows the new skin to absorb the active ingredients effectively. As new skin cells are regenerated rapidly, the skin becomes smoother as impurities are removed naturally.

With this, I was all excited to embark on my pilgrimage to smooth, radiant skin.

Photo courtesy of Annabelle Studio.

Photo courtesy of Annabelle Studio.

Annabelle Studio has a calm and relaxing atmosphere, which is perfect for a first-timer to chemical peeling.

I was introduced to one of Annabelle Studio’s therapists, Grace, who started off by performing a skin analysis of my face.  Grace gently removed my make-up with a cleansing milk, and gave my skin a scan, which reflected magnified images of my skin onto a computer screen. She then revealed to me, to my surprise, that I had dry skin, not oily. I was misled by my skin’s natural oil secretion, which actually came from a lack of moisture, and had always used skin products designed for oily skin!

Photo courtesy of Annabelle Studio.

Skin analysis performed on a client.  Photo courtesy of Annabelle Studio.

As an athlete since my childhood, I had spent close to 10 years under the sun. Grace explained that overexposure to sun without adequate sun protection was the key reason for my dry skin.  Further, using cleansers for oily skin had only made my skin even dryer than it originally was. Grace also advised me to use cleansers that are as mild as possible so that it would not strip the moisture from my skin. As each client’s skin is different, this skin analysis is useful for therapists to know what type of skin one has, the problem areas, and what to look out for.

With that, it was time for my virgin peeling treatment experience.

The JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatment began with the first level treatment.  Grace applied a T1 composit (27% fruit acid) onto my face.  I felt occasional tingling on certain areas of my face, but it was still manageable at this stage. After three minutes, the timer went off and a FIX solution encompassing Aloe Vera extract was applied for a neutralising effect, which helped to soothe and calm the skin before the next level was administered.

At this juncture, parts of my face were turning red due to the reaction to the active ingredients. Grace even pointed out that my skin was extra-reactive to the ingredients, which was a good thing as it meant that my skin was absorbing the acids readily.

At the second level, a T2 composit (37% fruit acid) was applied. This time, there was a lot more tingling on my face, and it felt slightly prickly.  I imagine it to be the fruit acid penetrating deep into the skin.  Similarly, when three minutes were up, Grace applied the FIX solution to soothe my ever reddening face.

Finally, at the third level, Grace applied a T3 composit (55% fruit acid) to targeted areas on my face.  This was applied only for one  to two minutes, and neutralised with the FIX solution. During the procedure, I experienced a burning sensation on certain parts of my skin.  Grace reassured me that this was normal as the skin was doing its normal restorative job as a response to the fruit acids.

Photo courtesy of JMF.

Photo courtesy of JMF.

The JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatment is a highly versatile treatment suitable for all skin conditions including acne, enlarged pores, dull skin complexions, scarring, pigmentation, and mature, wrinkled skin.  This means that anyone of any age is suitable for the treatment, as the therapists will customise the level of peeling and adjust it according to the client’s skin condition at each step of the way.

Next, a deep yet gentle extraction was done for me because clogged blackheads (which only became evident during the course of the treatment) had appeared.  It was a quick and incisive job, and as the saying goes —  no pain, no gain.  After a good few minutes, my pores were unclogged.

After some cream was applied on my face, a mask was left on my face. I was so comfortable (the bed was heated) that I slept like a baby.

Finally, the facial mask was removed and a moisturiser was applied.  At this point, my skin was very smooth and tight to the touch.  I was remarkably impressed at the results of the treatment.

JMF Cleansers (S$62 - S$82). Photo Courtesy of JMF.

JMF Cleansers (S$62 – S$82). Photo Courtesy of JMF.

Before I left, I was provided with some JMF Homecare products – JMF MID CLEAN (a daily cleanser for normal skin) and JMF L1 DIAGE (a night care gentle action face cream to preserve the freshness and elasticity of skin, suitable for all ages).

JMF Day Care Face Creams (S$138 - S$158). Photo Courtesy of JMF.

JMF Day Care Face Creams (S$138 – S$158). Photo Courtesy of JMF.

JMF Night Care Face Creams (S$142 - S$178)

JMF Night Care Face Creams (S$142 – S$178). Photo courtesy of JMF.

Annabelle Studio also handed me an oil-based DR. BELTER make-up remover, as we discovered that the water-based make-up remover I had been using was insufficient to lock in my skin’s moisture.

Dr Belter Skin Products. Photo courtesy of Annabelle Studio.

The entire treatment process (including extraction) lasted for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

For the entire week after my first treatment session, I applied my newfound skin care tips, and with continued use of the oil-based make-up remover and night care face cream, the results were astounding. Just within a week, my skin was noticeably clearer, fresher and more elastic than before.

It’s safe to say that you’ll be leaving your treatment with visibly fresh, supple and radiant skin, with a dewy complexion.  JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatment primes the skin to absorb fruit acids more readily and dispel impurities, and the effects get better and better after each treatment.  That way, you cut down on frequency but double up on the results.

JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatments range from S$168 – S$228.

JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatments and products are available exclusively at:

The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street
#02-42, Singapore 179803
Tel: +65 6336 8975



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