First Ever Where’s Wally? Art Exhibition Arrives in Hong Kong at Harbour City


From 9 July to 9 August 2015, Hong Kong is hosting the international globetrotter, Where’s Wally? at Harbour City. The largest retail mall in Hong Kong proudly presents the unprecedented “Happiness Hunt – Where’s Wally? Art Exhibition” where Hanford’s priceless original artwork will be exhibited for the very first time.

Where’s Wally? and his adventurous spirit will be on full display in Harbour City. Through a gigantic and detailed installation, Harbour City will transform into the Land of Wallies – full of Where’s Wally? activities, memorabilia and an exciting collaboration with MINI.

Beyond the Boundary: The Land of Wallies

On the Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Wally will emerge from the classic picture books and into the real world. During a search for his missing shoe, Wally, together with 47 other Wallies from the Land of Wallies, somehow stumbled into reality. The scene is curated with gigantic Wally books at the forecourt, where visitors can sit down, relax and indulge themselves in the colourful world of Wally. Emerging from the pages of a book are 48 distinct Where’s Wally? figurines, each with unique gestures and emotions. Not only was this a huge challenge for the curator, but it also presents a challenge for visitors to find the true Wally (the one without a shoe).

Unprecedented Display of Artworks 

To unveil the mysteries behind of the global phenomenon of Where’s Wally?, “Gallery by the Harbour” at Harbour City will rebuild Martin Handford’s work desk to reveal the sources of his inspiration. Hanford has generously loaned the objects from his actual work desk, as well as priceless original artworks. This includes crowd scenes he created at age nine and never-seen-before artwork he had used to pitch publishers in 1985. All seven original classic Where’s Wally? books will also be on display so visitors can appreciate every one of the 72 scenes.

Michael Gornall, Martin’s lifelong friend and manager, concentrates on helping Martin with the business side of the Where’s Wally? franchise. Michael became friends with Martin at Art College in 1977. Sharing an enthusiasm for music, films and illustration, they have worked closely together since then. Michael was in Hong Kong from 6 to 10 July, where he met the press and reveal more about “Where’s Wally”.

Where’s Wally? Special Merchandise Limited Editions

There will also be a merchandise section, allowing visitors to take home their favourite Where’s Wally? items. All available merchandise is exclusive to the exhibition, including puzzles, shirts, mugs and even Wally and Woof figurines with movable joints. There are also specially-designed plates to commemorate Where’s Wally? and his Hong Kong adventure! These limited edition Where’s Wally? products will appeal to Where’s Wally? and toy super fans.

Where’s Wally X MINI Set, Ready, Go!

MINI, another international icon, is joining Where’s Wally? on this exciting expedition. The bodies of five MINI have been specially wrapped with the faces of Wally and friends. The vehicles will be on display where visitors can take pictures with them and be a part of the adventure as the MINI’s take on the colourful and imaginative world of Where’s Wally?.

Meet Wally and Friends at Harbour City

To further enhance the awareness of the exhibition, a full line-up of activities has been planned including a Where’s Wally? Super Fan Contest, Charity Walk and Hide-and-Seek at Harbour City. Wally will be hiding in various locations around Harbour City to take the search-and-find game out of the book and into real life.

What: Where’s Wally? Art Exhibition @ Harbour City

When: 9 Jul to 9 Aug 2015, 11 am to 10 pm

Where: Ocean Terminal Forecourt, “Gallery by the Harbour” & Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


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