Iflix and DC Take Centre Stage at Toycon 2015 Launch


The Philippines’ biggest pop-culture convention partners up with Southeast Asia’s newest streaming service for their 14th year.

Newport Mall, Resort’s World Manila sure was a place for toy lovers back on 30 May 2015 as Toycon once again chose the location to hold their annual launch event for the grand convention in June. Ranging from scale models, figurines, plushies, and even card games, Toycon organizers gave  attendants a sneak peek of what’s to happen in the 14th installment of the yearly event.

Fun fact: Pacman DOES play basketball and is a part of a local basketball team.

Fun fact: Pacman does play basketball and is a part of a local basketball team.

But aside from the toys, the Toycon 2015 launch event had its spotlight focused on the DC franchise as numerous announcements regarding upcoming movies and TV shows were made. From the much talked about “Batman vs Superman” to a possible live-action Wonder Woman movie, an Aquaman live-action movie, “Suicide Squad”, and the upcoming series like the Green Arrow and Flash’s own version of the “Justice League” called “Legends of Tomorrow”, Superwoman, Lucifer and the current state of Constantine, which hopefully will be saved from peril by CW.

Arrow and Flash promoting their own show while Constantine contemplates on the background.

Arrow and Flash promote their own show while Constantine contemplates in the background.

But, perhaps the most interesting thing in this year’s Toycon is its partnership with iFlix, a recently launched online streaming service in South-East Asia which kicked off in Malaysia and then in the Philippines recently, and will hopefully be arriving to Thailand.

During a press conference, iFlix reveals that, just like a popular streaming service with the similarly sounding name, they look to bring popular Hollywood shows and movies to Asia and as well as content from countries like Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and China.

iFlix also plans to make content accessible by bringing in mobile apps so you can watch shows and movies on the go. While at first the partnership between a hobby convention organiser and a streaming service may seem weird, the managing body behind Toycon states that iFlix sees them as a valuable asset in bringing the service to the Philippines.

ToyCon 2015 will have its grand event this coming 19, 20 and 21 June 2015 in Megatrade Halls 1-3, SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, The Philippines. 


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