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ALDO, the leading international retailer for fashion footwear and accessories with over 1,800 stores in 92 countries, sees double with its first photography exhibition running from 30th April to 6th May 2015. Marrying fashion and photography with the launch of their Spring/Summer collection, the #PERFECTPAIR campaign in Singapore aims to raise awareness and funds for ALDO FIGHTS AIDS.
Through the exhibition, ALDO seeks to tell the story of perfection — be it in the form of having a perfect pair of shoes for every occasion, about knowing who you are, about deciding what you want, or about finding that bond with another. In collaboration with celebrity photographer Kevin Ou, stylist Martin Wong, and M.A.C cosmetics, a strong advocate for the fight against AIDS, the #PERFECTPAIR campaign showcases 15 local personalities such as celebrity twins Teh May Wan and Teh Choy Wan, Wendy Jacobs, Maia Lee, and others, each with their own creative interpretation of the Perfect Pair. Kevin Ou captured the essence of each Perfect Pair story – some whimsical, some stirring.
exhibitWe caught up with accomplished model Wendy Jacobs and her daughter, Iman Fandi Ahmad, to find out more about their take on the the Perfect Pair.

Asia361: We saw your photograph with your daughter “A Mother’s Love”. Can you share with us why you decided to do this with Iman, and your experience working with your daughter?
Wendy: I think, as a woman and mother, you will always yearn for a daughter. So when Iman came along, I thought to myself, “Oh, perfect!” What’s so incredible is that after my first two boys, Iman came along, with my youngest two sons following. She’s right in the middle. In a way, Iman is the key to my perfect pair.
Working with Iman, getting the opportunity to grow with her – it is really heartwarming for me to watch her grow and be who she wants to be.
Wendy Jacobs (left) and Iman Fandi Ahmad pose for a mother-daughter photo at the launch of the ALDO #PERFECTPAIR photography exhibition.

Wendy Jacobs (left) and Iman Fandi Ahmad pose for a mother-daughter photo at the launch of the ALDO #PERFECTPAIR photography exhibition.

Asia361: Iman, your mother has mentioned that you are the key to her Perfect Pair. What is your idea of a Perfect Pair?

Iman: I actually have no idea. I think a Perfect Pair is something that you feel most comfortable with. That’s what I think a Perfect Pair should be. It doesn’t have to be someone, or something. It just has to mean something special to you.

Asia361: Wendy, I noted your quote about you and your daughter being like yin and yang – complementary, two halves of a whole.  As a mother, do you expect Iman to grow up to be like you, and what are your hopes for her?
Wendy: Not at all. I expect her to follow her own dreams and make her own mistakes. I will help her along the way, but the path is there and I’m not going to carry her on my shoulders – she has to learn to walk it on her own.
Asia361: Where do you both shop for shoes?
Wendy and Iman: Everywhere. Anywhere, everywhere, we’re not brand-conscious. If we see anything we like, we’ll buy it. Be it high end or low end. Yes, even flip flops!
Asia361: What do you look for in a pair of shoes? What is your favourite type of shoes?
Iman: Maybe wedges. It’s comfortable, as long as it’s not too chunky.
Wendy: The heel. I’m a heels kind of person. The higher the better, the closer to God!

All photographs showcased will be available for sale at $1,800 each during the time of the exhibition. 100% of the net proceeds collected will be donated to Actions for AIDS Singapore. More information on ALDO’s latest collection can be found at
What: ALDO #PERFECTPAIR Photography Exhibition
When: 30th April to 6th May 2015, between 10.00 am and 10.00 pm
Where: Ion Art Gallery, ION Orchard, Level 4, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801

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