Alcatel ONETOUCH has recently released FLASH in Singapore earlier this month. The smartphone is available exclusively on, going at a recommended retail price of S$228. Currently, it is being offered at S$199 on We managed to get our hands on the FLASH and check out the device.


I will spare readers of boring unboxing images by combining them here.

The review unit came in its standard retail box. As if it is a standard across the industry, the phone came in wrapped in its anti-static wrap. Removing the top level, you can find accessories of the phone in the subsequent layers. The second layer consists of the instruction manual (which I promptly skipped) and, interestingly enough, a protective film for the screen.

Asia361-2 alcatel

Unboxing: cables (unopened) on the right, black metal piece slotted in the center and the USB charger on the left.

The third layer contains the charger, a USB cable, earphones and a black flat piece. The black flat piece is used to extract the nano SIM cards and the microSD card. It can be a tad hard to retrieve the cards, but that should be the least of a regular user’s worries until you switch to another phone.

The front and back of the phone. The front has a protective film pre-applied and the back has instructions to insert the cards.

The front and back of the FLASH: the front has a protective film pre-applied and the back has instructions to insert the cards.

Removing the anti-static wrap reveals the phone itself. Now, here’s what made the unapplied protective film interesting – the screen already has a protective film applied. The lightweight phone, weighing at 150 g, seems incongruent with the size of the phone with a 5.5″ HD display. It boasts a battery capacity of 3,200 mAh, giving it up to 19 hours of talk time and 465 hours on stand-by. The next beast that this phone contains is an octa-core 1.4GHz processor. This gives the phone speed, power and display size rival to that of the high-end phones at an affordable price tag.

Android Kitkat gives the phone performance that it deserves. And oh, did I mention that it is a dual-sim model? It would have been rather handy when I go travelling in Taiwan end-May. Inserted are Singtel (Singapore) and Far EasTone (Taiwan) SIM cards.

Android Kitkat gives the phone performance that it deserves. The FLASH is a dual-sim model, making it a handy device for  travelling. Inserted are Singtel (Singapore) and Far EasTone (Taiwan) SIM cards.

What powers the phone is Android Kitkat 4.4.2. Kitkat is known for the vast improvements in memory usage and performance. The interface of the phone does not deviate much from the stock Android interface. This makes it easy for anyone to adapt to the phone out of the box.

To sweeten the deal, the phone contains a 13MP rear facing camera and a 5MP front facing camera (which makes it a great selfie phone).


A photo taken at a.e.i.o.u. Cafe with the rear-facing 13MP camera of the FLASH. Photo is unedited and hosted on flickr to show the full extent of the camera.


Pardon my unshaven chin. This unedited photo was taken with the front-facing 5MP camera in HackerspaceSG. (Yes, HackerspaceSG has a claw machine, similar to what you see in the arcades.) Image hosted on flickr unedited.

After using the phone for a week, I find that the phone’s light weight and huge screen are a sell for me. I also used the rear facing camera extensively. Being a casual Ingress agent, the long battery life gets me through on the way home while smashing and hacking portals. If I had receive this phone much later, like in end-May, I would have brought it to Taiwan and experience the benefits of the dual-SIM cards functionality as well.


A brand new Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone worth $228 is up for grabs! Just follow these three simple steps for a chance to win:

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  3. Leave a comment below on why you want to win the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone.

This contest is only open to residents of Singapore. The winner will be selected by 10 May 2015 and notified via Facebook or email.


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  1. Hope to win as a birthday present for myself, owning this amazing cool hp is sure fantastic and I can change hp too. =)

  2. I really hope to win this awesome phone as I am a selfie addict but my current phone rear camera has only 5mp and the photo quality is lousy. I hope to have that phone so that I can take hi resolution pics whenever i go overseas, attend any functions or simply snap my daily meals for fb and Instagram!!

  3. Derrick Chan on

    My sis. recently dropped her iPhone 6 and she wouldn’t wanna spend anymore $ fixing it, or buying a new one and she couldn’t get her head around as to why an almost similar competing phone against the Apple ones must be 4-5 times the price-tag! She’s not working just now, and if I could win this for her, I think it’d be grand and a bonus for her 😉

  4. My dad has never had a smart phone all his life and what a great surprise gift to start with the Alcatel!! I hope this one touch click of posting will seal the deal!!

  5. I hope to win this phone as my father’s birthday is in May and what better way to preset to him his gift would be a new smartphone! Knowing that we all want to have the latest smartphones, my father was willing to fork out his own money to get me and my siblings a brand new phone for our birthday despite him only using our previous models phone for his daily communications. He even said this to us, “it’s ok, I’m willing to sacrifice for my children sake!” It breaks my heart to hear this so I hope you will choose me to allow my father to own one of the latest phone in the market! He will be delighted!

    • Katherine Goh on

      Congratulations, Md Shafierullah! You’ve been selected as the winner of the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone. Kindly email your full name, contact number and mailing address to [email protected].

  6. you know, Mother’s Day around the the corner. I could give this to my mum. This phone is so light and it has a bigger display than an IPhone 6!

  7. I would love to win this for my boyfriend who has a knack for losing phones! The amazing battery life means he has no excuse for not replying my messages or calls! 😉

  8. I hope to win this (A)wesome Alcatel phone, it’s (L)ightweight, packed with features (C)omparable to phones twice or triple in price! Powered by (A)ndroid Kit Kat 4.4.2, (T)his gadget is (E)xtremely fast and powerful
    and is absolutely the gadget for me!
    I (L)ove ALCATEL!

  9. Rosalind Leong on

    I wish to win this as I am actually sourcing for a smart phone for my mum mother’s day present. She is still using an old fashion nokia and she told me she wish she have a smart phone so that she can know more about my grandmother status through the watsapp group instead of waiting for us to relay the message.

  10. I’m gonna be selfish and say that I need this amazing Alcatel phone for myself! Unfortunately my iPhone 5 has been showing signs of dementia lately, and we all know how important it is to have a responsive phone!

  11. Charles Teo Nguan Meng on

    I wanna win this smartphone for the following:
    [A]mazing, efficient, effective and incredible features of Alcatel Onetouch Flash that I am truly looking for.
    [L]ily-white and chic looking smartphone exclusively by Alcatel Onetough that is widely recognised in Hong Kong and worldwide.
    [C]urrently Alcatel Onetouch is the world’s top of ten mobile phone manufacturers.
    [A]lcatel Onetouch is very concerned on customer’s needs and requirements by offering colourful, easy-to-use devices equipped with the technology people need most at smart prices that customers can afford.
    [T]oo irresistible to explore this latest smartphone that is just launched last September.
    [E]xcellent, innovative and unique design for all ages preference.
    [L]ight and reasonable budget at the market price of $199 plus a total of 18 months warranty!

    [O]ne rear camera is 13 MP rear camera with LED flash whereas another front cameraa is 5 MP front snapper that is perfect for selfies.
    [N]etwork of GSM Dual band smooth and lag-free.
    [E]nd User Memory of 5.1GB that I can save many movies and music to keep my life colourful and wonderful anytime.
    [T]his smartphone is very handy for its is big, light weight, convenient and comfortable to hold about its weight with battery is 150 grams and dimensions are 152.1 x 76.2 x 8.1mm.
    [O]CTA core 5.5” HD 720 x 1280 pixels and IPS 16M colour display that is enough perfect for a pleasure viewing.
    [Ultimate 3200 mAh built in battery get longer communication up 19 hours for talk time as well as this smartphone doesn’t heat up much.
    [C]olour reproduction is also very good and so are the viewing angles for those who want to enjoy watching movies.
    [H]ighly recommended for all those who want a smartphone with awesome features like this at reasonable price.

    [F]antastic and unique smartphone can support your work and entertainment for a longer period of time without even charging!
    [L]et’take the golden opportunity to explore this smartphone!
    [A]nd 3 words to describe this smartphone as “The Best Choice”
    [S]ure thing, I would love to grab the golden opportunity to win this awesome smartphone via the giveaway courtesy of ALCATEL ONETOUCH
    [H]eartiest congratulations for achieving a great milestone in producing many varieties of smartphone such as PopC9, PopS3, PopS7, PopS9, PopD9 and PopD1. Keep up the great job!

  12. Would love to win as my current phone’s camera quality isn’t so good and I hope I can take sharper and clearer pictures!

  13. jaslyn Chong on

    Hope to win it as Im in love with the 13MP rear facing camera and the 5MP front facing camera because i love to take selfie!!

  14. Muhammad Shafierullah on

    I hope to win this phone as I would like to present it as a gift for my father who has never fail to make sacrifices for the family. Knowing that all of his children want to own a new smartphone, my father was willing to spend extra money to get the smartphones for us during our birthdays as presents. He was willing to make sure that his children are happy! He once said, “I don’t need much technology now, i just need a normal guys need it for school also.” So I hope I can present him with this phone as he is always using our used phones for communications and to let him enjoy a phone that captures great photos so he can keep memories of us together also.

  15. I want to win the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone because I like smartphone that gives me a longer talk time as I loves to talk to people 🙂

  16. I would like to win the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone as I have not used a Alcatel phone, and would like to try and own one.

  17. Now, now, don’t everyone love the big names?
    Apple, Samsung etc with all their fame.
    But they have failed me – truly, madly, deeply.
    Their unexpected departures left me completely empty.
    So I shall now seek for the ONE that will simply TOUCH me,
    Not just a FLASH but a steadfast companion which I seek.

  18. Everything I read about the features of this phone is just awesome, and I hope to win this to see if it really lives up to its name.

  19. Would love to win this for two things. The extended battery life is incredible and a must-have for my long journeys. Secondly, I love it’s lightweight and huge screen design. Who doesn’t ? 🙂

  20. I love to own the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH Smartphone cos I love it for being lightweight, slim, long battery life and that it comes with a big screen and many features which I like. This is definitely a good hp for me to connect to the world at anytime and anywhere.

  21. It would definitely be my best companion in every place I go especially when I need to travel alot to work locally and overseas. I believe it would be a much clearer and faster phone for me to connect with my colleagues, family, friends, internet, watching movies and so on. Hope so much to use it on my next work project.

  22. After reading your interesting review on the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone and seeing the photos, I really love this awesome smartphone. Thank you. Compare to high-end phones, this phone has the functions, speed, power and a big display at an affordable price tag. Definitely a smart choice to consider when thinking of buying a smartphone without feeling the pinch to your wallets. Hope to win this to replace my faulty smartphone that when sudden death without any reason while charging. Now I am using my old keypad phone.

  23. It would be really nice if I can have the awesome Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone to replace my current old phone that’s always slow, hangs and even blackout . With the awesome phone I will have no problem taking photos, connecting to the internet and communicating with my friends, colleagues and family. I’m loving the hp especially its big screen and slim body.

  24. Finally, a phone that is fundamentally as good as the big boys but at an unpretentious price. I love its lightness, large display, very good camera, powerful processor, long battery life and dual sim – all issues I’ve been having with my current phone. Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH looks like a serious phone that does the job.

  25. Ashley Tan on

    I hope to win this because of the 5 Mp front camera which is superb for selfie especially when I carry my baby in my front carrier. It means that we can take selfie wherever we go leaving footprints and memories!

  26. Fion Teo suhan on

    Would be awesome to surprise my mum with this amazing Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone!!
    Its an ideal gift for mum as it has a huge 5.5″ screen. With this phone, she no longer had to struggle to read her text messages. Mum can then use it to whatsapp easily to communicate with my brother who is working in China and my brother can send her photos of my nephew regularly which is going to make my mum super happy. Mum misses my brother my much but she has always been very frugal and would rather spend the money on us than on herself. She does not like us to buy her gift so it would be awesome to surprise her with this special gift for Mother’s Day =)

  27. I need a new phone to replace my current iPhone which I have been using for years and it’s getting old due to wear and tear. The Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone looks good and it will make a great birthday present for myself.

  28. I need a new phone to replace my current iPhone which I have been using for many years. It’s getting old due to wear and tear. The Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone looks good and it will make a perfect birthday present for myself.

  29. Koh Hock Guan on

    I want to win the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone for my dearest mother as Mother’s day gift because my mother is using Nokia Non-smart phone currently and she always like to watch korean and hong kong drama on TV. With this Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone, she can easily watch all her favourite dramas anytime and anywhere with huge battery capacity of 3,200 mAh without worry of battery flat-out and the octa-core 1.4GHz processor with 5.5″ HD display definitely will let my mum enjoy the videos smoothly without any lag !

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