Something New is Baking in the Oven at the Fabulous Baker Boy


Chef Juwanda Hassim, the fabulous baker boy himself, brings a new labour of love to the centre stage. No stranger to the limelight, to rousing applause, he debuts a new performance for a new season. Having dived headlong into a confectionery adventure after a long career in theatre, Chef Juwanda embarks now on a new season of this venture. With expanded premises, he ups the ante but continues with honest value by whipping up a brand new spread of mains to pair with his already renowned repertoire of pound cakes.

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Not veering far from his grounding in the entertainment industry, Chef Juwanda also now accommodates a gallery and a corner for livelier performances in his expanded teashop. Now a full fledged restaurant, The Fabulous Baker Boy is still located at the base of Fort Canning Hill along River Valley Road, in an area also known as the Foothills of Fort Canning.

Ever eager to play the good host, Chef Juwanda piled us with lovingly prepared starters as the party began. Rolls of luscious smoked salmon – like an ardent lover’s lips – begged to be put close to my own. The meat balls were delicious enough, draped by a savoury cream sauce.

The evening started with two versions of salads and a chicken consume. The former was standard salad fare, which was an excellent way to clear my conscience before tucking into the decadent pound cakes that was worth every calorie and the hands down raison d’etre of this establishment. We had the Scottish Smoked Salmon Salad (S$16) and the Wild Mushroom Salad (S$14) of rocket and tomatoes drizzled in balsamic vinegar and topped with an egg.

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The Scottish Smoked Salmon Salad (left) and the Wild Mushroom Salad feature as starters for the evening.

The chicken consommé (S$8.50) comes from a stock that took 24 hours to prepare and certainly tastes that way. The flavour was hearty and just like what grandma would prepare if you had a cold. 


The chicken consommé comes from a stock that takes 24 hours to make.

The Steak Frites (S$25) and the Duck Confit (S$21), both classic café staples and their inclusion is essential to every casual dining venue, especially The Fabulous Baker Boy, which has an airy, relaxing and languishing-the-Sunday-away feel.

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The Steak Frites (left) and the Duck Confit are two classic mains on the menu at the Fabulous Baker Boy.

This Fried Chicken and Waffles (S$21) was the dish that The Fabulous Baker Boy will be known for. Despite the odd pairing of sweet and savoury, of entrée and dessert, this presentation definitely passed muster. Although maple syrup was used, the taste imparted was closer to honey. The natural restrained sweetness of the maple syrup complimented the wholesome salty flavour of the moist chicken juices that oozed from every bite. If it gets too heaty, the side of coleslaw will cool you right down so that you can take another munch, because you won’t be able to just have just a few.

A signature at The Fabulous Baker Boy, you wouldn’t want to miss this Fried Chicken and Waffles, which include deep fried succulent tender buttermilk chicken served on a whole waffle with a generous syrup drizzle and purple cabbage slaw.

The Battered Fish Burger (S$14.50) was another hands down winner! Blow the whistle and raise this high, because I will return to The Fabulous Baker Boy for this. This is essentially fish and chips in a bun. However, aside from that, aficionados of fish and chips know how difficult it is to find that perfectly fried fish. It’s not just about holding a fillet in hot oil. If you don’t hold it right, it’s like the capital offense of murder by drowning in my opinion.


The Battered Fish Burger is a hands down winner with battered dory fillets in a brioche bun, Sriracha tartar sauce.

The Almond-crusted Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce (S$22) has a nice crunch with the addition of a golden crust of almonds. It reminds me of the petite pave detailing of jewellery where little gemstones are packed close together and spread across an entire surface area.


The baked encrusted salmon comes served with a delicious creamed spinach and mashed potatoes.

Some like General Trajan, Darius the Great and Queen Victoria have busts made in honour of them. Others, like the inimitable Pamela Oei, of “Dim Sum Dollies” fame, have their name immortalised in a cake. The “Pam D’Or”, is a tasty tribute made from four layers of the spongiest butter sponge cake, deliciously coated with a latte swiss meringue butter cream and dusted with Valrhona chocolate shards. I was impressed with the explosion of flavours that managed to still maintain very light, enough for me to wolf down two slices without reaching for a glass of water.

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Chef Juwanda creates a cake named “Pam D’Or” in honour of his friend, theatre actress Pamela Oei.

Come for the cake. Come for the recommended dishes. Come for the upbeat and whimsical personality Chef Juwanda imparts. This is a great place to while away a weekend, or a weekday off with great food in an place that leaves a warm feeling in your belly as well as your heart.

The Fabulous Baker Boy
70 River Valley Road
The Foothills
Singapore 179018
Tel: +65 66948336

Opening hours: Daily except Mondays; Tue to Thurs: 11 am to 10 pm; Fri and Sat: 11 am to 11 pm; Sun : 10 am to 5 pm


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