6 Reasons Why I Think the Latest MacBook Pro Is Crap


Unless you are living in a cave, Apple today unveiled the latest iteration of its Macbook Pro.

Dubbed “A touch of genius”, the latest Macbook Pro is anything but. As someone who uses a Macbook Pro and Surface Pro on a regular basis, let me tell you why I’ll never be buying a new MacBook Pro again.

Why Can’t I Touch Anything I Want?

We humans are so used to touch screen devices these days. If you want to launch an app or adjust a setting, we reach for the screen and simply touch it. Most of the latest laptops come with touch screens and Apple is basically the only one without any touch screen laptop.

But instead of trying to work their software to support touch screen, they came up with a silly bar on the keyboard.


Come on. When I’m working, I’m looking at the big screen. If I want to launch something or adjust something, let me reach out and touch it. Why on earth do I have to look down at the keyboard, visually see where the sliders and buttons are on the touch bar and then touch it? Unless you are my grandmother, do you actually EVEN look at your keyboard while using a computer?

Now Apple wants you to do just that because they can’t make the main display touchable.

One giant step back in user experience and impressiveness.

No more MagSafe, let your MacBook Pro fly!

I thought Apple was freaking helluva brilliant when they came up with MagSafe. It is a true innovation that prevents your laptops from flying across the room to certain deaths because some blind idiot trip over your powercord. MagSafe is such a great idea that even my Microsoft devices now come with something similar. When you work in densely populated cafes or offices, MagSafe is your only insurance against having to buy a new Macbook every other day.

Now it’s gone. We are all back to the dark ages before MagSafe was invented.

Can’t connect iPhone 7 to MacBook Pro

Can you believe that the most innovative and advanced technology company have created a flagship laptop and a flagship phone that can’t have sex with each other unless with some adapters? I can plug my iPhone 7 to my Surface Book right out of the box due to the presence of USB-B port, but MacBook Pro has 4 futuristic USB-C ports that is basically compatible with nothing we already have?

Terrible for Creators

MacBook Pros used to be an awesome device for developers, photographers and designers. People who… erm actually do real work on Macbook Pro. That’s why there’s a “Pro” suffix right?

Photographers use the SD card port to easily transfer their photos for editing. Developers use the USB port to connect to their devices for mobile app development. Designers use the USB port to connect to a wide array of peripherals that allow them to do their work.

Now there’s no more USB port and you have to use dongles and adapters for that. Having a USB port should be a God-given right, for God’s sake.

The price

The price of the previous MacBook Pro starts at about S$1,500. Now it starts at S$ 2,200. That’s a 47% increase in price.

Is the economy really doing so well that Apple thinks everyone can afford to pay such premium prices?

A keyboard that creates unemployment

Professionals need great keyboard as they type a lot. We all know that MacBook Pros have one of the greatest laptop keyboards around and MacBooks have one of the worst. Microsoft made a tablet cover with keys and even that types better than MacBooks. Anyone who claim they love the keyboard on 12-inch MacBooks are either lying through their buyer’s remorse or just plain nuts.

Now, Apple has implemented a version of that blasphemy on MacBook Pros. With its limited travel, crappy feedback, I’m sure professionals are all going to be damaging their finger joints on that terrible keyboard. If their fingers are injured and can’t type any more, they will be out of job.

Introducing the world’s first keyboard that creates unemployment!

Closing thoughts


Technology improves with time. We expect things to be more compatible, cheaper, and better for our use cases. But what we are getting here is like a time travel machine back to the dinosaur ages. The latest MacBook Pro is less compatible, more expensive and even harms us physically.

I don’t even know how to upgrade my old MacBook Pro now. Because this sure isn’t an upgrade. This is a downgrade.


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